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car & AUTOMOTIVE customisation

Your car is not just your ride.  It is an expression of who you are.  Why not customise it to reflect your unique style?

Want to turn heads and grab attention?  Our design team are experts in taking the ideas you have in your head and creating an attention grabbing design that is as individual as you are.  If custom graphics aren’t your style, we can facilitate a full colour change or even custom finishes like brushed aluminium, chrome or colour flow.

brushed chrome in 2 colours with hidden seams


But it’s not just the design that’s going to distinguish you from the crowd.  We know how important your ride is to you, so we’ll treat it with the same respect, care and attention that you would.  Choosing Gold Coast Kustoms means the execution of your vehicle wrap will be the best in the country.  We don’t take shortcuts – every detail is undertaken with precision, from the removal of door handles and mirrors to ensuring all seams are hidden.  We use the best materials and the best installers so the final finish is flawless.

The end result is a car that is as awesome and individual as you are.

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Vinyl wrapping vs. Custom Paint Job

Which is better?

Have you ever wondered why someone would wrap a high end sports car a solid colour instead of painting it? 


Well, the number one reason you don’t head straight to the auto-sprayers is because your car immediately loses value.  Surely a car with a custom paint job should be worth MORE?  Not at all; the next person to buy the vehicle can’t be sure whether the car was painted purely for cosmetic reasons, or if it was painted to hide evidence of an accident or rust. 

Reason number 2:  Wraps are removable.  Paint is not.  When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, or even upgrade the design or change colours, your wrap can be easily removed and/or replaced.  The paintwork underneath will be in the same condition it was in when the wrap went on, preserving your resale value.

Reason Number 3: As an airbrush artist and vehicle painter, Clayton will tell you the final effect with computer aided design and a printer worth hundreds of thousands of dollars will have better detail than what can be achieved by custom paint alone.

ink for your Ride

Are you ready for Gold Coast Kustoms to create your exclusive design and wrap your vehicle?

All Gold Coast Kustoms original artwork begins with a conversation.  We’ll catch up with you and talk about what you want to achieve with the artwork, the colour and styles you love and anything else that is really important to you with this custom piece.  Once we’ve got that locked away, we’ll be able to give you an estimate, organise a deposit and get started creating your vision.

Your car wrap installation will take place at our facility located centrally on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

Can’t get to the Gold Coast or located elsewhere in Australia?  Don’t worry!  We can travel, plus we have certified install partners in most states around Australia to ensure your installation is in professional hands.

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