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Paint Protection

Gold Coast Kustoms offers a professionally installed paint protection system designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle from regular road damage like stone chips. 

This is not a spray or coating like some of the car manufacturers try to offload when you buy your new car – this is a physical vinyl barrier that stops things like stones chips from damaging your paintwork.  It also makes it heaps easier to remove road gunk like bugs and tar. 


But we’ve saved the best til last – Gold Coast Kustoms’ paint protection material is self-healing so scratches and abrasions can be fixed almost instantaneously.  When you’re ready to move on or re-wrap, we can remove the paint protection without damaging your paintwork.

As a standard package, paint protection can be fitted to the front guard and bar, headlights, bonnet and the back of the side mirrors.  If you’ve got a custom paintjob or just a really sweet ride, you might even consider full paint protection for your entire vehicle.

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