FULL VEHICLE customisation

We also offer a drive in – drive out service for full customisation of your vehicle.  Whether it’s a muscle car, supercar, drag car, vintage vehicle or JDM, we have the passion, the skills and the team you need to turn your project into a masterpiece.

If you’ve got a vehicle that you want transformed but you don’t have the time or the space to devote to the project, let the experts at Gold Coast Kustoms take care of it for you.  We share the passion you have for your vehicle and we’re experienced in restoring your car – whether you’re a purist and you want her restored to her former glory or you want every part upgraded for total customisation.


Our latest project car, the ’65 Mustang has undertaken a dramatic transformation over the last couple of months.  What started as a tired shell has been transformed to a magnificent muscle car. 


Let’s look at the modifications we’ve undertaken to transform this beauty:

  • Rotisserie repairs to chassis

  • Install new suspension

  • Body repairs including rust removal and repairing dings and dents

  • Full body re-spray

  • Full interior Dynamat sound deadening

  • Craft and install new boot panels and rear parcel shelf

  • Install new carpets

  • Upgrade from standard to Pony interior, including door handles and window winders, glovebox and ashtray, all knobs and bits and bobs

  • Replace headlights and taillights

  • Replace fuel filler and cap

  • New trim on front and rear seats, including comfort foam upgrades

  •  Design and install the world’s first glow in the dark wrap – from inside the engine bay all the way to inside the boot.  No surface has been left unwrapped!

  • Craft custom radiator mounts and install new radiator

  • Replace front windscreen

  • Made to order Boyd Coddington Billet wheels and new treads

  • Replace hood liner

  • Craft custom radioactive gear shift with LED lighting


Are you ready for Gold Coast Kustoms to transform your vehicle into a masterpiece?

All Gold Coast Kustoms vehicle customisation begins with a conversation.  We’ll catch up with you and talk about your dream vehicle and the car you ultimately want to drive.


Every vehicle we take on is looked after as an individual project, and the end result is only limited by your imagination.


From wheels to suspension, engines to transmissions, interior trims and perfect bodywork all the way through to a killer paint or wrap job;  Gold Coast Kustoms is the right team to complete your custom project.

Can’t get to the Gold Coast or located elsewhere in Australia?  Don’t worry!  We can travel, plus we have certified customisation and install partners in most states around Australia to ensure your vehicle upgrade is in professional hands.



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We have more than 18 years' experience; not just in graphic art and design, but in quality vinyl wrapping and the best installation.

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