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Vinyl wrapping isn’t just about pin striping and custom graphics for your car or boat.


Vinyl wrapping and vehicle graphics can actually be used commercially to capture your customer’s attention.

Whether you want to advertise your business, a special offer or simply brand your vehicle to align with your business values, we have a range of solutions that will not only engage your customers but deliver you an excellent return on your advertising investment.

Let Gold Coast Wraps help you build your branding across a diverse range of mediums:

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Trucks and Trailers

  • Buses

  • Boats

  • Machinery

  • Architectural Solutions

    • Office branding and wall wraps

    • Factory Branding and wall wraps

  • Graphic design services

  • Digital and large format print services

Hit the button to go to our commercial site Gold Coast Wraps.

CAR Wraps

From one car to a fleet of commercial vehicles, Gold Coast Wraps can professionally design and install quality business branding to keep you at the front of your customer's mind

ute wraps

Whether it's your work horse or custom equipped utility with all the bells and whistles, Gold Coast Wraps are experts at designing and installing your perfect ute wrap


Using SMART design principles for your exclusive design and an expert wrapping team, Gold Coast Wraps can help turn your van into a mobile billboard that works for you 24/7


You can wrap just the cab, your trailer or a whole fleet of truck/trailers. Whatever your needs are, the team at Gold Coast Wraps can professionally design and install quality business branding to make your truck stand out from the crowd


Do you need your bus to showcase your business?  The team at Gold Coast Wraps have the experience and expertise needed to complete large scale jobs to an incredibly high standard


Our waterways are unexplored territory for branding and brand recognition. 

For boat builders, premium boat brands or marine focussed products, watercraft and boat branding is going to help attract your ideal customers


Rather than presenting your customer with the back of your amazing coffee machine, why not wrap it and showcase your brand?  You can go with a branded wrap in your corporate colours, a luxurious satin finish or a range of different colours and finishes.


Every film set, every TV set design is unique.  We can design and professionally install feature backdrops or custom flooring designs to help bring your set and your scene to life. 


Office branding, shop re-design and commercial wall wraps are just a few of the projects that benefit custom artwork designs and expert installation.  If you have a vision, the Gold Coast Wraps team can help bring it to life.


Performance vehicles are a specialty of the Gold Coast Wraps team.  We have the design experience to create the perfect livery for your team, and our quality of install is hard to beat.


Have more than one vehicle that you want to carry your business branding?  We can custom design artwork that will create consumer impact on your whole fleet - whether it's your Sales Teams' vehicle, delivery vehicles or your transport fleet


This service is perfect if you have the perfect artwork but you don’t have the facilities to bring a large format print to life.  We’ve got extensive experience printing wraps for film and movie sets, theme parks and thrill rides.

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